Bluebird Meadows Farm is located in Louisburg, NC. The farm is nestled at the end of a quiet country road, where over 100 acres of wide open country side, wooded trails, ponds and wild flowers await you.

Bluebird Meadows Farm provides the time and space needed to slow down and create memories with loved ones. The farm offers a welcoming sense of place and an experience that is truly unique while our planners and staff provide intuitive, personalized service and genuine hospitality. Wedding planning, day-of coordination, furniture and amenities, time on the farm for engagement photos, and two separate getting-ready spaces are all included.

About Bluebird Meadows Farm

Meet The Bluebird Meadows Farm Family!

We believe in the lasting experience. This is where we transcend the expected by offering breath-taking views, meaningful amenities, and the freedom to dream. Bluebird Meadows Farm is where you’ll truly meet your memories. From weddings, conferences, luncheons, and business events, we look forward to sharing our piece of home with you.